Grotesque Leg

There it is -- doesn't look quite as ugly away from the piano.
A leg 001
So I chopped the leg off. Couldn't bear looking at it or having it in my house.
A leg 002
Here you can see the original turned leg enclosed in 8mm slabs of timber. Even the top part had slabs of timber to make them appear to be in proportion to the leg part.
A leg 003
The top part is the same profile as the
A leg 004
a - across the top. b - thickness of the locking plate. c - width at top of column. d - length of column. e - width where the column meets the moulding. f - height of moulding. g - width at lower part of moulding. h - total height without castor.
A leg 005
I found this diagram with measurements at
A leg 006
Someone modernised the A3 at some stage. Pity. Now I have to get new legs for it.


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