Lexi Cross, Steinway B, Measurements

The top string for C88 is 51mm, and the back-length here measures 25.5mm which is exactly half.
lex 24
At note 72 the backlength is 41.5mm.
lex 25
Further measurements.
lex 26
Further measurements.
lex 27
Further measurements.
lex 28
Further measurements.
lex 29
Testing the tuning-pin torque. Most of the pins on this piano had a torque of 20 kg/cm. Sixty kg/cm is the minimum torque required to hold a tuning. During restringing the torque is set at 180 kg/cm.
lex 50
The original pins are 7.1mm in diametre ...
lex 51
... and 60mm long, which seems quite short, given that the pin-block is quite thick and could take a 64mm pin.
lex 52
Measuring the distance from the bridge pin to the aliquot ridge. It is usually ½, or ⅓ or ⅔ the speaking-length of the string. Some technicians don't worry too much about this distance, but I have found that setting the back-length carefully has the effect that was designed into it - an increase in the volume and sustain.


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