Lexi Cross, Steinway B, Repairing the Soundboard

To recrown the soundboard, gentle heat has to be applied from a light bulb. I take the precaution of protecting the wooden beams with sisalation.
012 20070709
... and scraping off the old lacquer in the area where the soundboard should shrink.
013 20070709
With the light providing gentle heating, the existing cracks expand. I use the soundboard shimming chisel from the American Piano Supply Company to shape the cracks to take the shims.
014 20070909
So many cracks! The result will be spectacular.
015 20070909
There's a V-shaped shim ready to go in one of these cracks.
016 20070909
Here I am setting up a piece of antique spruce to be cut into a V-profile.
017 20070909

018 20070909
The measuring piece will make the cut 3mm across.
019 20070909
A couple of cracks filled with shims which have been glued in. The masking tape keeps the glue off the soundboard, making it easier to finish for lacquering.
020 20071009
... another crack shimmed ...
021 20071009
... and another ...
022 20071009
... removing excess wood with a
023 20071009
Removing the masking tape.
024 20071009
This repair almost blends in.
025 20071009
More cracks. It would have been easier to replace the whole soundboard, but Lexi loves old things ...
026 20071009
The two soundboard repair tools.
027 20071009
Each shim takes several minutes to shape.
028 20071009
That one is now glued in ...
029 20071009

030 20071009

031 20071009

032 20071009

033 20071009

034 20071009

037 20071009

038 20071109
I've saved the really long ones to the end. They can take up to an hour to shape, and I use the shorter ones for practice. Each soundboard is different, the timber responds differently depending on the angle of the
147 20072709

148 20072809

149 20072809
This one was a real challenge. There were multiple cracks in the one place, so a 7mm shim is being prepared here. You can see it beside the top masking tape strip, ready to go be glued in.
150 20072909

151 20072909

Just one more shim to go.
I've reglued the soundboard to the
387 20080901

388 20080901


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