Lexi Cross, Steinway B, Lacquering the Soundboard

The case is all masked, as is the bridge capping.
389 20081101
(There's the frame. It will be gilded next).
390 20081101
The cracks in the soundboard have been shimmed with 15 year old spruce.
391 20081101
The lacquer has been applied.
392 20081101
Next I put the frame in place temporarily, in order to position the decal in the best position. The modern reproduction decals are slightly larger that the originals, so it's best to test them out before burnishing them in.
435 20082701
I measure the distance from the edge of the soundboard to the lettering line, and tape the whole thing in place before rubbing the decal on to the lacquer.
436 20082701
Now the frame has been removed.
437 20082701
Ready to burnish ...
438 20082701
The backing paper removed ...
439 20082701
... another coat of lacquer ...
440 20082701


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