Bechstein Frame

The string hitch-pins. Originally these weren't painted. It's a give-away if they are painted during the
frame 01
The general area around the hitch-pins was a bit messy ...
frame 02

frame 03
I mask off the brass agraffes with masking tape, sticky-side out. It's not a good look when the agraffes are
frame 05
One section of agraffes masked.
frame 06
The first undercoat. All the bumps are more obvious once there's a uniform surface. The red is body-filler. All
frame 07
More body-filler. The hitch-pins have all been individually masked with masking-tape, sticky-side-out.
frame 08
In the frame-recesses I had to use a
frame 09
More bar-coat.
frame 10

frame 11

frame 12


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