Bechstein B, dismantling

While dismantling the B, I took a few photos to record some features.
bechsteinB 0001
The over condition: the olive-green Bechstein stringing underfelt is very faded, and the gilding of the iron-frame has oxidised. The bronze powder used in gilding oxidises eventually with shellac as the medium. We use the same gilding powder with modern finishes now. Compare the same piano refinished at
bechsteinB 0002
The soundboard finish is as patchy as the frame. Open in another tab to see the new look.
bechsteinB 0003
Just a record of the felt-listing for when I restring the piano.
bechsteinB 0004
The string hitch pins with their faded green underfelt washers.
bechsteinB 0005
The old style turned legs. They don't make them like that any more.
bechsteinB 0006

bechsteinB 0007
A shot of the exposed tuning pin block, where the shellac-based finish is breading up, resulting in a freckled appearance. No functional problem, but repolishing is required. Because the repolishing is done with the pins removed, modern spraying techniques can't used, the pin-block needs to be repolished in the traditional way.
bechsteinB 0009

bechsteinB 0011
The bridge capping was not finished or sealed in the Bechstein factory. They must have thought that the hardwood was durable au naturel.
bechsteinB 0014
A record of the stringing pillow ...
bechsteinB 0015
... the felt overhang
bechsteinB 0017
... and from underneath. Instead of drawing a little diagram and a note, it's easier to take a photo.
bechsteinB 0018

bechsteinB 0019

bechsteinB 0020
A record of the decal, I hope I can get a new one identical with it.
bechsteinB 0022

misc 0001
A record of the dismantling of the Bechstein B, before it went to the polishers.
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