Karl Lagerfeld design: Steinway O

This piano was designed by the German designer Karl Lagerfeld. Several of the traditional external features have a new look. The pedal-lyre is quite different.
lagerfeld 32
.. also the legs ..
lagerfeld 33
This particular example has had an electronic device fitted which plays the piano, much like Yamaha's disklavier. You can't see the device here, but the wires are connected to it.
lagerfeld 34
Behind the charming porduct manager Caroline, you can see see that the orange feature from the pedal lyre is very prominent on the lid.
lagerfeld 36
A couple of photos of the Karl Lagerfeld designed Steinway. A limited number were produced, and Steinway exhibited them in BMW dealerships, alongside a BMW designed by the same man. The idea was to get a few BMW drivers to buy a piano. This instrument is already owned, it is just in T&V for the fitting of the device.


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