The action. Hammers could be Steinway from the seventies. I remember seeing a set from that time which had yellow impregnation.
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Four things here: 1) The source of the tuning problems is in the bars (to the left of the felt cushions). The profile is too large, the surface is uneven. 2) The strings are rusty. 3) The cushions are not genuine, not wide or high enough. 4) The tuning pins have been pushed sown into the pin-block in an effort to gain more torque. These pins measured 7.15 and testing showed that 7.3 pins will have the correct torque.
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The capo d'astro by contrast is correct in diameter and still clean. The grooves are small and will be easy to remove.
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Serial number of the white piano -- 280557. You can see the hammers have been glued on using hide-glue. They are genuine Steinway hammers. The black piano's hammers were glued using white glue.
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A roll of Roslau piano wire.
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