The U3 on its side.
20100715 002
This light gauge kit is simply screwed into the piano floor with 30mm 8g screws.
20100715 003
Even fully extended the light gauge
20100715 003a
The light gauge castor doover lackey wasn't high enough for the professional size existing castors,
20100715 003b
A temporary fix for the C108. The Yamaha parts are still on the way from Japan. Unfortunately Yamaha no longer stock everything, but wait for orders to be sent from Japan.
20100715 005

20100715 007
I checked out the Bechstein again. The F# is to remind me which version of the B this is, for comparison of string scales with the 2 Bechstein B's I have at home.
20100715 010
1. Temporary castor solution. 2. Hinges on order. 3. Bechstein maintenance.


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