Domestic Japanese Yamaha Soundboard being resprayed for the Australian Climate

This was done in the Music room during the holidays. I put a drop sheet on the floor and after tipping the piano forward and resting it on foam blocks, I masked off the back-posts.
As you can see the sound-board was not 'glossy'. In fact it was quite dry -- all the Japanese domestic models are like this.
Here you see the soundboard after spraying. I used two kinds of spray gun here. A low-pressure high-volume gun with NO thinners to cover the spruce as quickly as possible. This way the material dries quickly and thickly and doesn't seep into the timber too far. Then I applied the lacquer with a brush under the posts. Finally I used thinned lacquer with an traditional spray gun under the posts, to make sure that the lacquer was evenly spread out.

I sealed the back surface of the soundboard on the piano because it was often exposed to the weather, being positioned near the door.


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