Construction Show

Waiting for the demonstration to start. You can see the exploded Steinway Model O here, the frame, soundboard and case.
schau 01
Phil Sander begins to explain the method of construction involved.
schau 02
... demonstrating the curvature, or crown in the Steinway soundboard.
schau 03
and how the bridges are adjusted for height by a skilled craftsman.
schau 04
A smaller section of soundboard is passed around.
schau 05
We then heard the resulting sound demonstrated by Alexei Yemtsov.
schau 06
Julie Englefield taught us about the historical development of Steinway and the influence of the "benchmark" piano on the direction of music in the 19th and 20th centuries.
schau 07
Julie explains that someone needed to develop the ultimate piano.
schau 08
Phil Sander again.
schau 09
Ara Vartoukian, a prominent piano tuning teacher, and owner of Theme and Variations, teaches the gathering about the action of the piano action.
schau 10

schau 11
Everyone got a piece of the action from that exploded piano. It was a touching experience.
schau 12

schau 13
The students from the Australian Institute of Music didn't leave any snacks for the staff of Theme and Variations to clean up.
schau 14
Steinway & Sons Hamburg sent us an exploded Model A Grand Piano to use in lectures for music students and teachers in Sydney.


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