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Michael Tyack's Steinway Model O

The piano as it arrived back from the polisher.
tyack 01
The piano as it arrived back from the polisher.
tyack 02
Another shot on the first day back.
tyack 03
Still with the masking over the soundboard.
tyack 04
The soundboard ready for refurbishing.
tyack 05
The action with new hammers, shanks and wippens. The key-frames felts, balance and front felts have also been replaced.
tyack 06
The action put back into the piano for keyboard levelling, needed after the replacement of the key-frame felts. This is a major part of regulation.
tyack 07
Another shot of the keyboard levelling.
tyack 08
Cleaning the frame, prior to regilding.
tyack 09
Each brass agraffe needs to be masked before spraying.
tyack 10
Another shot of the masked agraffes.
tyack 11
Underneath the frame. The
tyack 12
A crack in the soundboard has been shaped in the factory-approved manner, to take a shim made of identical spruce.
tyack 13
The surrounding area is masked, and the shim is glued in place.
tyack 14
 Repair? What repair?  After repolishing, this repair will be impossible to find.
tyack 15
Applying the soundboard varnish.
tyack 16
The varnish is brushed into the corners.
tyack 17
... and between the bridges.
tyack 18
When dry, the varnish is smoothed.
tyack 19
Finally it is polished with a rubber and shellac.
tyack 20
The frame has been sprayed. Now the frame-screws are being gilded.
tyack 21
The bridge notches need cleaning. The soundboard is covered to prevent sawdust from entering the newly applied polish.
tyack 22
Strings on the first section.
tyack 23
The stringing is finished. The damper heads are now being fitted.
tyack 24
There are 70 damper heads. Each one must be meticulously aligned to the strings.
tyack 25
This gallery documents the progress of Michael Tyack's Model O Steinway.

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